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Explorations in Diversifying Engineering Faculty Initiative.

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Why we do it

Possibly talk about the stats of Black engineering faculty?

Reason one

In the United States, African Americans make up only 2% of the engineering school population.

Reason two

African Americans are more likely than any other race or ethnic group to leave the PhD STEM field once admitted.

Reason three

48% of engineering schools have ZERO African American tenure or tenture track faculty.

Our Work

In this section we could display projects, upcoming events, research papers, etc?

We could use a call to action here to get them to contact us via email.

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What our Users say

Possible testimonials from people who’ve benefited from E.D.E.F.I?

“E.D.E.F.I gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to succesfully land a job in the engineering field shortly after my PhD. ”

Jane Smith | Engineer, Tesla

“The people and resources at E.D.E.F.I were a wonderful aid in my search for post-doctoral work. Thanks for all you guys have done!”

Dr. Robinson | CEO, D Company

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