More Black Students Enroll in HBCUs Following Hate Crime Reports: Study

Students of Color Face Challenges in STEM

Racial Stereotypes Drive Students of Color Away From STEM, but Many Still Persist

Universities With More Racial Segregation by Major Graduate Fewer Black Students Into High-Paying Fields

Equity Ethic: As STEM Fields Become More Racially Diverse, New Values Emerge

Ready to Be an Ally for Black Academics? Here’s a Start

How to Be an Ally Outside of Hispanic Heritage Month

How Do We Create Systemic Change

Hardest Working States in America

Why STEM Needs to Focus on Social Justice

A Mission of Inclusion

Universities Are Freezing Tenure Clocks. What Will That Mean for Junior Faculty of Color?

In Our Own Words: Institutional

S. David Wu Named First Asian American President in CUNY System – Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Selected New Books on Higher Education
Diversifying STEM: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Race and Gender is featured

Pew Study: Faculty-Student Diversity Divide Persists

Endless Exodus: Faculty of Color Leave the Academy in Search of Fulfillment

Former professor says University of Delaware tenure process stifles diversity

Being a Black Academic in America – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Despite Promises, Hiring of Black Faculty at White Colleges Declined – The Hechinger Report

How can Universities Keep Minorities in STEM Graduate Programs – The Christian Science Monitor

Hundreds Convene for ‘MLK to BLM- 50 Years of Struggle’ Symposium -Vanderbilt University News

It’s not just About the Money, say STEM Students of Color – Research News @ Vanderbilt

Students of Color Study STEM with a Focus On Social Justice – Wisconsin Public Radio

Labels like ‘Asian fail’ and ‘Black genius’ are no joke for STEM students of color: Report


 Black Tech Ecosystems: A Proposed Framework for Defining, Assessing, & Developing Black Tech Communities


Undue Burden

Breaking the Black Box: How Machines Learn to be Racist

Council Graduate Schools Data Show There’s No One To Way Use Doctorate

Women, Blacks, Most Likely to Leave STEM Careers, New Research by AIR Finds

Survival Factor

The Racial Bias Built Into Photography

TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, but Their Body Scanners Might Be

The Disciplines Where No Black People Earn PhDs

The 2018 Status Report on Engineering Education: A Snapshot of Diversity in Degrees Conferred in Engineering

‘A Toxic Culture of Overwork’: Inside the Graduate Student Mental Health Crisis

Discrimination and a Struggle for Legitimacy: Faculty of Color and Female Faculty Experience an Uneven Playing Field

What Faculty Members Think

Early Departures



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